The Story of Brainstorm...

Once upon a time way back in January 2015, a superhero was born...


Because she was needed of course.

Like most heroes, Brainstorm came to be to make a difference but little did she know how, why or who she would end up helping along the way.

What started out as a simple branding upgrade turned into something powerful that made a difference to people all around the world.

before pic of Amanda RobinsThis was Amanda back at the beginning of 2015. What was meant to be a professional pic to go on Amanda’s website but she hated it. It just didn’t seem to match up with all the other professional business pics out there, and she was embarrassed to put herself and her business out into the world

Other influential and successful businesswomen Amanda saw where well put together and looked amazing. Amanda didn't feel like she was good enough usually anyway, but with a pic like this, it really drove the message home in her mind...

What on earth could she do?


She did what anyone would...

She became a superhero!

before Brainstorm

After studying a marketing course and learning how to create a larger than life persona, Amanda went full superhero. It started out as a vague concept, but after binge-watching three seasons of Arrow (a DC superhero TV series based on the Green Arrow), Amanda could see how the everyday person had so many traits that superheroes do.

Feeling how amazing this was for her confidence, she thought she could help others do this as well so they can really stand out in the marketplace.

So along came her new business Superfy Branding which was centered around helping people create cartoon brands based on their inner superhero personas. It was time to start superfying the world.

Perfect plan right?


You see, while Brainstorm was embraced, many people just didn’t want to go full superhero…

Let’s face it, it is a bit ‘out there.’


Everyone embraced the confidence and mindset that came with letting out their inner hero. There was this astonishing shift when people found that something special within themselves that could help others and make a difference.

Without realizing, this was precisely what Brainstorm was doing for Amanda, you see…

Brainstorm was out in the world doing amazing things, but she also created separation between her and Amanda.

Ok, now before you think this sounds completely crazy...

Yes, I know they are the same person, but just like an actor playing a role, they were separate in their own ways.

If someone rejected Brainstorm, then that was OK because they were not rejecting Amanda. This is a big thing for anyone putting themselves out into the world in business.

While the legend of Brainstorm grew so did Amanda’s confidence in her abilities. Being able to show people what she could do and not being embarrassed by how she looked helped to push along her business.

Then came the time to stop hiding...

In September 2015, Amanda discovered an app called Periscope. It is a LIVE broadcasting app, owned by Twitter that allows you to stream LIVE video all around the world.

Seeing the potential, Amanda signed up using the Brainstorm cartoon avatar as her profile pic.

After watching and interacting with a lot of scopers, one of which taught her how to grow a following without going LIVE. Over a couple of weeks, Amanda started building her audience until one day a scooper challenged Amanda to go LIVE herself.

Never one to back down from a challenge to show the world what she is made of, Amanda accepted and set a time to get in front of the camera.

“I was so nervous I needed a pep talk from my friend Sallyanne to start the broadcast.”

With a rocking chair made of wooden pegs as her stand, Amanda took a deep breath and started.

What felt like a disaster was the start of something big!

Having to look at herself every day for long periods of time, Amanda decided it was time for a change.

On day one with one heart, she went from this to looking like this and earning 1 million hearts just 78 days later.

78 days on Periscope

This was just the beginning of her journey.

The journey which is still continuing has revealed some fantastic insights into what it actually takes to change from the inside, out.

You see…

This was not some diet & exercise plan that Amanda followed to change. It was a complete mindset overhaul.

Simply put…

“I didn’t want to be a fat person who had to battle my weight for the rest of my life.”

Believing there was a better way to get rid of her excess fat, Amanda began experimenting to find ways to break through what was holding her back.

Mindset changes came from challenging what she thought, paying attention to and changing the words she used and really digging into what she believed.

As you can see, the transformation thus far has resulted in some life-changing breakthroughs not just for Amanda but for people all around the world who have stepped up to conquer their weight issues.

After Brainstorm

Brainstorm also got a makeover,

Brainstorm also got a makeover,

But what to do next?

While finding ways to conquer the physical side of her life, there was so much more work to do. Nothing works long term if it is not in harmony with all the other aspects of day to day living.

In 2017, Amanda found herself in a dark place when she got sick. She was in the best physical shape of her whole adult life, and then it all came crashing down with what was first diagnosed as appendicitis has become a long-running issue that is still yet to be resolved.

“While it would be easy just to give up, that is not what heroes do. They find something within themselves to keep going even when things get really hard and feel so overwhelming”.

This has sparked a mission…

To help people stop treating their life as a textbook and view it as the “Choose Your Own Adventure” book it is.

There is more to life than just following the rules, setting goals and grinding every day to be someone you think should be.

It is time to dive in and find the HERO in your story…

It all starts with…

Understanding your origin story

Challenging what you think and say

Rewriting your future

And Creating the message you share.

“It is the little things we say and think that create our reality. Most of the time we don’t even notice the programs we are running in our minds that are holding us back but that can all change, sometimes instantly, to open up a whole new world of opportunities.”

The PAST is your ORIGIN story,

The PRESENT is your POWER and

The FUTURE is waiting for you to WRITE it!

Ready to begin your hero journey?


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Amanda Robins aka Brainstorm is the go-to Intuitive Creative Director teaching you how to harness the power of storytelling, so you can creatively plan, embrace plot twists and influence the outcomes in your life, career and business.

She has a unique perspective on how our minds work, understanding the story we are telling the world and pinpointing the little changes we can make that can instantly have an impact.

With the vision to build an authentic community of everyday heroes working together to live above the ordinary by overcoming feelings of unworthiness, extreme doubt, and generations of limiting beliefs to create long-lasting change by using their imagination and creativity.

Happy to openly share her years of knowledge as a former food addict, intuitive creative director, marketer, 6-time international best-selling Amazon author, business owner, entrepreneur, trainer, speaker, loving mother and superhero, Amanda is able to answer questions with the reassurance that the advice given is backed by actual experience.

The PAST is your ORIGIN story,

The PRESENT is your POWER and

The FUTURE is waiting for you to WRITE it!

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