There are times in our life when we can feel helpless, hopeless and powerless but it doesn’t have to be this way…

Throughout our lives, there are people who enter our world and inspire something special to emerge unlocking the power we have within.

This book brings together stories from people all over the world inspired to step up into their power and want to pay it forward to you!

Sit back, take a deep breath and get ready to find YOUR inspiration to unleash the power within.

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Michelle D. Garrett

Laura-Doe Harris

Dimitie Kendall

Sara Schroeder

Sheila Kennedy

Samantha Jane Ronalds

Candice Box

Lyndi MacRae

Michelle Peterson Clark

Rebecca Gibson

Coach Larry

Cynthia Merryman

Meet Michelle

Michelle D. Garrett lives in Columbia, South Carolina with her husband and three amazing children. She is finding her footing as a full-time entrepreneur and enjoys sharing her BOLD DIVA philosophies with other amazing women.

Michelle provides tools and resources for all women to be DIVAs - Driven, Inspiring, Victorious and called to Action - in all areas of their life.

Wife, mother, business-owner and all-around Diva, Michelle is passionate about motivating women to be THE BEST they are called to be in all areas of their lives. You can connect with her at

Meet SaraSara

Sara Schroeder calls herself an Empowering Story Shifter. She helps people heal from past hurts (past story release), to rewrite and empower themselves. You can find more info about Sara at

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Meet Michelle


Michelle Peterson Clark is the mother of 3 sons and has run her own business for over 15 years in various industries, from Government consulting and direct sales to helping her husband run his electrical engineering company.

After many years of trial and error she has realised that in order to succeed you need a reason to jump out of bed every morning. For her this means writing daily, and coaching small business owners one on one and through workshop trainings. Her copywriting business has evolved to specialise in the area of Content Marketing that assists businesses to gain and keep their ideal customers. From here The Content Marketing Queen was born.

After studying online with the University of Oxford, Michelle and her husband, with their nine-year-old moved to the UK in August 2017, so she can undertake Oxford’s British and European Studies course. A lifelong dream and the adventure doesn’t stop at just one year, with them extending their stay for another year.

You can read about their journey and Michelle’s business blog at

Sheila Kennedy is a holistic health and energy wellness facilitator offering unique solutions to everyday issues.

Whether you are looking for an answer to anxiety or depression, have specific health or learning difficulties, or simply know that more is available if only you could find it, Sheila may be the key.

Concerned for her own health, while at the same time searching for answers to assist her children, Sheila began an exciting journey of discovery. Now she is able to share what she has learned with you. The vast amount of wisdom she has accumulated will allow her to assist you in creating viable solutions to many of your health issues.

Numerous people credit Sheila Kennedy’s programs with their return to health and wellbeing, and speak highly of her as a shining light for a brighter future for us all.

Meet DimitieDimitie

Dimitie Kendall is an Intuitive Life Coach who Helps You Create a Clear, Positive Path Foreword. She Shows You How to Manifest a Life of Happiness and Abundance. She has achieved this by learning the tools and techniques to help herself and others Shine!

Dimitie has lived and worked in London, Melbourne, Singapore and now the Gold Coast, Australia. She has studied and practices Reiki, Yoga, Angel Intuitive work, Energy work, Belief work and the Law of Attraction. She has a degree in Communications, a Diploma in Training and Development and a Certificate in Coaching. She is married with two children aged 14 and 17.

See her website:

Meet CandiceCandice

Candice Box is a master Soul alchemist and the co-founder of Soul Evolution, who supports spiritually awakened entrepreneurs by transforming limiting beliefs and re-patterning consciousness to live in alignment with their mission and soul purpose.

She lives a beautiful life with her soul mate Isaac Box and her furry babies Kai, a Maltese dog, and Zen, an orange tabby.

Candice suggests creating relationships that are meaningful and supportive. Also important is finding somewhere to feel comfortable and safe while connecting to your true and authentic being!

Get your FREE Guide ~5 Steps to Creating Heartfelt Soulful Connections with Self and others by visiting

Meet RebeccaRebecca

Rebecca Gibson is a forward thinking spiritual strategist and psychic/medium, helping heart-centred soulpreneurs align their soul and path with their business.

Her strategic approach and experience allows her to combine spiritual guidance with tangible methods for her clients to step into with deep confidence to expand their energy and self-awareness.

She works with people ready to serve humanity on a higher level by illuminating their path and psyche, by bringing a deeper understanding of what is really possible in life and business.

Rebecca can be found writing her books, loving her toddler and guiding people to step into their true inner potential.

Meet LyndiLyndi

Lyndi MacRae is a serial entrepreneur with a big heart and a willingness to go beyond the status quo.

With real time experience on the web since 1996, Lyndi has empowered small business owners to gain Authority and Recognition online by sharing her wealth of knowledge, skills and resources. Driven and with purpose, an effective and efficient use of marketing automation is where Lyndi has settled her niche focus. Specializing in digital marketing strategies, she is a proud Infusionsoft Certified Partner.

Working with entrepreneurs seeking to create change, Lyndi can assist you in saving time and money by working smarter, by using systems and tools available on the web.

Explore more about empowering you on the web: or

Samantha Jane Samantha

Samantha Jane Ronalds is a tertiary qualified Holistic Practitioner, Intuitive Artist and Women's Circle ‘Red Tent' facilitator with over twenty years professional experience in community and private practice.

Samantha inspires women to ‘Awaken, Release, Transform & Create their lives with the magic of the Goddess. She facilitates Sound & Crystal Energy Therapy and Past-Life journeys with the support of her Spirit Guides and Angels. Samantha's studies evolved over time as she searched for answers to health issues and explored a deep longing to discover her life-purpose; 

“My inner-goddess exploration began in 2007 following a transformational experience in the ‘Isle of Avalon’ Glastonbury. My third-eye expanded and I painted inner-visions in watercolor and acrylics, channeling the magical and creative energy of the world of Goddess, Spirit and Faery”.

Samantha lives in the beautiful countryside of the Dandenong Ranges on the outskirts of Melbourne Australia with her husband, Damon and their collection of animals. She draws inspiration from the Australian bush, her native Celtic background and the spirit realms. Her archival quality prints, gift cards and paintings are available at

Meet LarryLarry

Coach Larry, aka: the “Empowerment Genie”, is on a mission to help action takers wanting to make a difference in their lives by uncovering their hidden talents and empowering them to take their world by storm!

With thirty years experience as a Pastor, and married 47 years, and as a Life Coach,  Solution Focused Coach, and  Transformation Coach, Larry is able to answer all his clients’ questions backed by solid experience.

Coach Larry says, “It’s my passion to help people discover self-love and how to care for their ‘Personal Foundation’ including their mind, body and soul.”

To see more of Coach Larry, visit


Meet Laura-DoeLaura-Doe

Laura-Doe Harris is passionate about supporting people in discovering, exploring and embodying their own natural eroticism and capacity for pleasure. An internationally renown Somatic Sexologist, she offers workshops and individual sessions through The yOniversity, writes and performs in a comic cabaret 'Vaudeville of the Vulva',   and creates and distributes, anatomically accurate educational art pieces called Vulvalicious Cushions. Her latest project is an educational DVD enttled The Art & Science of Female Arousal.

Laura-Doe offers sessions for women, men and couples worldwide via Skype. She is currently practicing in person in Oxford, UK. For more information about her offerings visit

Meet CynthiaCynthia

Cynthia Merryman is an expert when it comes to helping her clients grow their bottom line profits by incorporating various digital marketing strategies, and by turning those leads into paying clients.


Meet AmandaAmanda

Amanda Robins aka Brainstorm is on a mission to inspire people to step up and become their own hero.

She’s has an unique perspective on how our minds work, understanding the story we are telling the world and identifying the little changes we can make that can instantly have an impact.

Amanda has a genuine interest and passion to see people all over the world thrive in all aspects of their life especially when it comes to self acceptance and love.

With the vision to build an authentic community of everyday heroes working together to stop the manipulation of marketing and generational beliefs that has lead to feelings of unworthiness and extreme doubt when it comes to creating long lasting change.

“Every Hero Has Their Own Journey & Together We Are Stronger!”

Now is the time for you to learn how to communicate with purpose! Whether you are changing your self-talk, sharing your message with the world, or finding the words to sell with authenticity, you have the power to make the seemingly impossible, possible!

Happy to openly share her years of knowledge as a former food addict, intuitive creative director, marketer, 5-time international best selling Amazon author, business owner, entrepreneur, trainer, speaker, loving mother and superhero, Amanda is able answer questions with the reassurance that the advice given is backed by actual experience.

Are you Ready To Start Your Hero Journey?!

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