Do you ever feel lost in the crowd? In the sea of business owners and self-proclaimed experts begging for business, your powerful presence simply can’t be seen by the people you know you can help. If only they could find you, you could show them just what you are capable of.

You are not alone. There are so many authentic business owners and real authorities buried deep within the marketplace. The real diamonds like you are hidden amongst all the useless rocks of the sadly mistaken people who believe that you can simply hang a sign up saying “Open for business”. However, it takes a little more than that.

It takes someone like you. Someone who is kickass at what you do. Someone who is destined to be a real force of marvelous energy helping those who get a chance to work with you.

If only they could find you. If only they knew what you could do for them. If only you could rise above the crowd.

You can! One little step at a time. Let me show you how.

First, you have to let go of being “normal”. You want to be extraordinary. You are not plain old vanilla!let go of being “normal”.

We all get stuck trying to emulate others. You know what it’s like, you see all the so-called successful people and they all have the same look, the same words in their marketing, the same pose in their photos. Look at what happens when you try to be like them.

It’s bad and I mean real bad. So you second-guess your abilities again and again and again until one day, you find a way to be ‘you’ because ‘you’ is enough. Actually, being you is more than enough! You are AWESOME just the way you are. You can make your personality shine through in a professional way, just make sure that what you put out is quality!

Secondly, get out there. That’s right – get moving forward. Start practicing, start putting your personality into what you do. Just start. Start slowly and find the direction you want to take.get out there

I remember a little over a year ago, I had an idea for a book. This was going to be the basis for my business. I invited experts to be a part of it and they said yes. This was it. I was going to make the book a massive success and specialize in this. I wrote up a business plan, brainstormed products and services, and started a website.

Then it occurred to me that I didn’t want to just focus on this alone so I changed direction slightly quite a few times until I decided to become a superhero. That was it.

I could make everyone a cartoon superhero for their business branding – that was the plan. I lined up artists, a website, packages and all the stuff I needed to deliver this service, however, I was still just a little off the mark.

Not everyone wanted to be a cartoon character but what they did want was to access the power of being a superhero.

They loved being a part of the energy I brought to the table and they wanted to add the fun back into their business.

Now I get to help others with all kinds of things including marketing, book writing, brainstorming, branding, naming and whatever else anyone wants.

None of this would have been possible if I didn’t make a start. And the book that started it all fits perfectly in with everything I do! Now it is just a matter of people telling me what they want and I deliver that rather than spending hours, weeks, months or even years making the perfect plan in my head.

be open to whatever comes your wayThirdly, be open to whatever comes your way. Joint ventures, mentors, clients or ideas, once you are moving forward, amazing things will show up. Be open to the possibilities but make sure they feel right before you take advantage of them because you do have a choice.



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