One of the best ways to stand out of the group for FREE is to be Newsworthy…

Here are some simple ways to get into the media.

  1. Write a Press Release

Chances are the press will not chase you so you have to put your story in front of them. Press Releases are a great way to do just this.

Here are the top 7 tips for increasing the success of your press releases.

  1. Make the story relevantIf you have an opinion or can help someone with a topic of concern right now the chances of your press release being noticed increase. For example, if you have tips for saving money on your tax return you can send out a press release in June and July when tax season is upon us. You also need to answer the 5 W’s. Who, What, Where, Why and When. You can go an extra step further and add the ‘How’ or back up your story with proof like statistics, etc.
  2. Make contacting you easy.

    When you write your press release have your contact information easily accessible. It is a busy time trying to get the stories out on a deadline and they do not have time to chase you down. Put your contact details at the top of your press release.

  1. Catch their eye.

    You have to do more than just send out an email that says, “Press Release”. You need to make it catchy and worth their attention. They would get hundreds of press releases every week and you need to make yours stand out. Make the most of your headline. Think like a reporter. What headlines stand out to you when you walk past a magazine stand? This is the type of headline you want in your press release.

  2. Pick the right audience.

    Do your research when it comes to finding the right media to send your press releases to. You would be wasting your time if you wrote an article on business and sent it to a baby magazine. You want to keep the body of your press release brief and relevant to what their audience wants.

  3. It is not all about you.

    I know this sounds a little weird as you are writing a press release to promote your business but what you have to realize is that it is not about you. It is about the reader and how you can help them. What problems are they facing and what solutions can you offer to help them. If you come at it from this point of view you will have a higher success rate not only with press releases but your overall marketing campaigns.

  4. Build a relationship.

    If you come in looking for a one night stand you will be disappointed. You need to build a relationship with reporters and producers. As with other methods throughout this book building a relationship based on trust and respect is vital to increasing your exposure. Just imagine. It is 4pm and their deadline is at 5pm and they are short an expert opinion. Who are they going to call? The person who has helped them and kept in touch with them to be of service, or the person who sent in a press release talking about themselves?

  5. Be Consistent.

    If at first you don’t succeed try, try, and try again. You may not get your first story in or maybe not even your tenth but you have to keep trying. Whatever the reason as to why you have not attracted the attention you wanted does not mean it will not come. Try calling the reporter or producer and ask them what you can do to make your press releases better, or you could ask them what kinds of stories they are looking for. Remember the squeakiest wheel get the most attention. 

  1. Offer your Expertise

Call reporters and producers to offer your services. Tell them about your book, blog or anything else that shows you know what you are talking about and then offer your services if they are looking for a guest. The last step is to make yourself available. You may not get a lot of notice before you are asked to be a guest so make sure you are ready with something relevant to say when the call arises. 

  1. Hold an Event

Make your own news. Create an event that gets attention. You can do many things that tie into your business that people will be interested in.

Here are a few:

* Have a book release party

* Break a world record

* Raise money for charity

* Host a free workshop

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