“Sometimes your cape flaps in the wind because you are flying ahead and sometimes because there is someone special behind you flapping it up and down! Either way, you are a superhero!!!”

~ Amanda Robins

Sometimes we just need a little extra help. We are so close to our business and our abilities that we lose sight of how great we can be. We forget how far we have come and what wonderful things we are really achieving. We take things personally and to heart when all we need is an outside perspective.

woman with a superhero shadowWe can’t work in a vacuum. I work from home and most of the time I’m alone. I’m critical of my own work and no matter what I do, I worry that it is not good enough. I see other people’s work and I think “Wow, how do they do that?” When it comes to my work, it never seems to match up.

However, when I put it out there and get feedback, people start telling me what they get out of it and it usually is exactly what they wanted. If I didn’t do this, I would be sitting there judging my work harshly because it is my work.

I can see the flaws in it, I can see what I wanted it to be and I know that sometimes it doesn’t match up to what I imagined. Here’s the thing though, the people who it is intended for – they don’t see that, they just see it for what it is. If they like it, fantastic, it then becomes good enough for me and if they don’t, that’s ok too. It just means I need to go back to the drawing board.

Do you ever feel like that? That your work is not good enough? That you just need to add that little bit more? That if you could rewrite it just one more time then it would be perfect?

You are not alone. We all do that. This is when you need your cape flappers the most. They believe in what you have to offer. They can see that you are someone special and they are just waiting for you to catch up and really see how spectacular you are. They are more than happy to flap your cape until you feel that you deserve to fly.

cartoon woman with a superhero shadowBest of all, you can be a cape flapper too. As you know, we all need a little help with something. You can step up, grab the bottom of someone else’s cape and flap away. Why? Because success is contagious! The people who are really confident, those who are really secure in their brilliance know that if you are surrounded by success and you are truly happy for others, then you catch the success bug too. That’s right, you too will be successful. The energy of success around you begins to fill you, you begin to see that anything is possible and you know that you will be supported on your journey.

I once told a dear friend of mine who has believed in me for years that I would never leave her behind and as I began to fly, I made sure that I reached my hand out to grab hers because she is coming with me every step of the way. It is the same for all the people around me. I want to bring them with me and in return, they bring more people with them.

We live in a world of abundance, unlimited possibilities, and opportunities. There is no reason whatsoever to push people down to build yourself up. We all deserve to fly and we all have the right to own our brilliance. I am honored to share that journey with you!

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