There are 4 Kinds of Credibility:

The 4 A’s of CredibilityAssumed – This type of credibility is based on the preconceived ideas that people hold about you. You can get these from writing a book or working with or for well-known people and companies. It is assumed that because you wrote the book that you are an expert on the subject.

Appearance – First impressions count. If your marketing, website, and appearance go against the image you are trying to convey as an expert, potential clients will see this. You only get one chance at a first impression and it is really important to make the most of it because it can take a long time to convince someone to work with you once they have formed a negative opinion about you.

Approved – This credibility comes from other people. If they approve of what you do and want to share that with the world through testimonials, referrals, and endorsements, your credibility will soar.

Acquired – This credibility is built by working with someone and showing that you are the real deal. You have demonstrated your skills and expertise. While the other types of credibility will get your prospects to open the door, it is up to you to give them a reason to invite you through it. This is the part where many people fail. They have built credibility that is not based on a solid foundation of genuine expertise. While they made the first sale they do not have a strong community behind them wanting to continue to work with them, referring them to others and supporting them in future endeavors.

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