This has been said in so many different ways over the years but however, you say it, like attracts like. So whatever you put out into the marketplace is what you will get back.

For example, if you are feeling stressed, broke and helpless, that is the energy you put out into the world and that is exactly the type of people you will attract into your business. You will attract clients who want to haggle your prices down and complain about everything. They cry poor even after you’ve helped them so you end up continuing the cycle of misery.

kids playing make believeHowever, if you change your vibe you will attract dream clients who you absolutely love working with. This goes for virtually anything you do. If you are a gossip, you will attract gossips and you better believe they are talking about you just as much as you are talking about them. The genuine and compassionate people who you would rather attract will avoid you because of your negative vibe.

Pick your target market based on their personality traits. That may be different than anything that you have ever come across before but I want to assure you that it makes a massive difference in your business.

For example, you may have been picking your target market based on their age, gender, income, location, interests etc. This is what most business courses tell you to do, however, there is a different way.

Try instead to pick who you want to work with based on their personality traits. Why? Just because someone can afford you or fits into your target market doesn’t mean you will enjoy working with them. Who would you rather work with? Someone who pays you but then whines and complains the whole time about how they can’t do something?  Someone who feels that they paid too much to work with you? Or someone who tells you that they appreciate you and what you do for them? Someone who says thank you for everything that you do, even the tiny things? Someone who shouts from the rooftops about how wonderful you are? I know which ones I work with.

Personally, I have always found the “pick your target market by their demographics” thing very limiting.

family wearing capesWho am I to say that someone can’t work with me because they don’t fit into a box? As long as they have the personality traits of the people I love to work with, I say bring it on!

Now I want to let you in on a little secret. You can make a list of the personality traits of your dream clients but you have to make sure that these traits are also yours. If you want people who don’t question your prices, you must be happy to pay your bills, if you want people to be respectful of your time, you must be respectful of other people’s time as well.

If you want people to appreciate you then you MUST appreciate others. Be your ideal client and your ideal clients will be drawn to you as if by magic.

Exercise: Your Vibe

Write a list of personality traits of people you would love to work with.

Write a list of qualities of people you don’t want to work with.

Go through the two lists and see if there are any qualities on these lists that you are displaying.

Are your qualities on the dream list or the nightmare list?

If they are on the dream list, fantastic!

If they are on the nightmare list, you have some work to do.

Once you have changed your vibe to align with your dream list, burn the nightmare list. You want to make sure you focus on the positive rather than the negative.

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