Has anyone told you how ahhhmazing you are lately? Because you are!

You are a truly unique and wonderful person in so many ways even if you don’t think so.

We often see our uniqueness as quirks. We are told that these are things that we must change in order to fit in. Who tells us this? The people who don’t understand us.

You see, as we are growing up, we meet people who are different to us and have no understanding of us. We think that our upbringing is normal and that that is the way everyone’s upbringings are. It is all we have known so we don’t question it. Then we emerge into the world and we start to see people are different to us and we begin to question what we think is normal. Then as we continue to develop our understanding of the world we encounter people who try to help us fit in because they know what it is like to feel like an outcast and picked on. They were a little quirky when they were growing up and you can guarantee that someone made them feel that they were weird.

fierce womanHere’s the thing. What if instead of growing up thinking that you had to be the same as everyone else, someone told you that you could let your quirks out. They may need to be a little tamed but nevertheless, they are a part of you. What if someone told you that some of your quirks were simply what made you unique? Would this have changed how you viewed yourself? I bet it would have.

Now that you are an adult and out in the big world, have you met people that are more like you? People that have the same interests, points of view and who share your sense of humor? I know I have and I love it.

It was a few years ago now that I realized that I didn’t fit into what society thought was ‘normal’. I was pregnant at 16 and by the time I was 19, I was single, raising two little boys. By society’s standards, I had thrown my life away and I was not going to amount to anything. However, I had other plans in mind. I had a belief in myself and I just knew that my circumstances didn’t define me. It was up to me to lead by example for my boys. So I set to work. I studied from home while taking care of them.

When my eldest son was in kindergarten I sat my HSC exams with all the other year, 12 students, that year. I was also working from home as a marketing manager for a local company, looking after my boys and putting my relationship with their dad, my childhood sweetheart, back on track. I knew that if I wanted something, I had to think outside the box and I did that year after year. I studied, implemented and just went for it. I tried for years to really find my place in the market. The place where I really stood out.

After Brainstorm

Who would have thought that becoming a superhero was the secret all along? I am finally able to really embrace what makes me different. I own my quirks. I like them. I love interacting with people who think outside the box every day. I get to teach my boys that they have choices and that they are fantastic just the way they are because I am living proof. I want that for you.

Tell me about your quirks. Tell me what makes you unique. Tell me how you have a natural ability to do whatever it is that you do. Stop hiding behind the belief that there’s nothing special about you because I know that there is! If you can’t see it, ask someone else because they will have seen something in you that you can’t see.  And if they can’t uncover anything, come and see me. I will find it for you!

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