We don’t do anything in life without some sort of payoff. Even people who you think are absolutely selfless have a payoff for what they do.

We GET something out of the way we act. It may be a good thing for us or it may be a bad thing. Either way we are getting something out of it and that is why we keep doing it.

Someone who likes to help people, gets the payoff of feeling good that they are helping people. They actually get a chemical rush similar to daredevils high that reinforces those feelings.

Someone who likes to take over businesses, likes the thrill of building an empire.

Everything comes with some sort of payoff.

But you can’t possibly have a payoff for being the way you are can you?

Well yes you can. Simply put. There is a reason you are holding onto the extra fat or eating the way you are, and we are about to discover some of the payoffs that come from being big.

Some of the payoffs for being big


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