So many people have a belief that they have no self control or discipline. They say,

“I can’t stop eating. “

“I can’t stick to a DIEt.”

“I can’t stay motivated.”

“I have no self control around food”

Well, let’s look at these beliefs.

“I have no self control”. OK. If you have no self control, do you say everything you think? Do you go and touch every nice butt you see? Do you walk up and kiss every hot person you meet?

I certainly hope not. You don’t do everything you feel like doing because YOU DO have self control. You just have selective times of using it.

“I can’t stop eating”. Do you do nothing but eat all day everyday? If I was to take the food away from you would you wrestle me to the ground to get it back from me so you can keep eating it? If you were eating and your house was on fire, would you have to finish eating first before you got yourself out to safety?

Probably not. You CAN stop at any point you want to, but for some reason your feel like you can’t.

“I can’t stick to a DIEt”. Well no one can so we can just cross that off the list and not even bother to talk about it.

“I can’t stay motivated”. Have you ever completed anything? I mean set a goal and finished it? We do every day. We achieve the things we need to do.

Motivation is actually something that fades. It is like when you go to see a motivational speaker. You are all hyped up in the room at that time and when you leave it slowly wears off. Then you are looking to get motivated again. That is how motivation works.

I don’t want you to be motivated. I want you to be transformed. We are not working on motivating you to do something, we are transforming you into your new ‘normal’ so that all this stuff eventually just becomes natural.

That is why I am not a motivation speaker or mentor, I am a TRANSFORMATIONAL speaker and mentor.

“I have no self control around food”. Do you see food and just have to eat it? Do you walk past a bakery and absolutely have to walk in and eat everything on the shelf? Have you never turned down food in your life?

To have no self control around food would mean that every time you saw any kind of food, or was around anything remotely edible you would HAVE to eat it. I mean you would be eating all the groceries in the car on the way home from the store. You wouldn’t be able to resist. You practice self control all the time, as you will continue to do in the future.

Remember back when I said you had choices. This is where they come it. It is not about telling yourself not to do something, or controlling your impulses. It is about making a choice. You need to control your hunger, so you eat to satisfy it. You have choices of how you do this. There is no need for self control. You just make choices without guilt and as you begin to make ones that work for you, you build on that.

There are many more beliefs around why you are the way you are but this is an important one.

Although we develop our belief system over time, hopefully you can begin to see how the excuses we choose to believe in can actually  be changed in an instant.

It all comes down  the stories we tell ourselves and the reasons why we blame ourselves for not getting to where we want to be. It is time to take control of your power and create the transformation you long to see.

Now it’s time to discover the payoffs you are getting from being the way you are.

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