For some of us, we have always been big. For as long as we can remember we have been bigger than other people our age, and the thought of being thin is just weird.

It is something we know we want but have no idea what it would feel like to be thin because we have never been that way.

The belief that you have always been big and will always remain big is one that can hold a lot of people back.

It can be one of the reasons we use not to try harder or to try at all. You might say; “What is the point of putting in all this effort when I know I will always be big and I can’t change that?”

When you are aware that this is simply a belief just like any other, you can always believe something different. You can be anyway you want to be if you so choose. There are people who have been poor all their lives and then one day they change how they think about finances they become abundantly wealthy.

There are people who have been big all their lives and then one day something changes and they take control of their weight and never look back. You never ever have to remain the way you are no matter how long you have been that way.

For other people, they may have been thin a very long time ago but as they aged, they got bigger and this has become their reality. It seems that getting back to the way they use to be is simply a dream that will never happen.

Firstly, I want to tell you to stop chasing your past. Things will never go back to the way they use to be, however you can make them even better in the future.

Secondly, This is a belief that this is just your reality now and that your glory days of being thin are over. Change that belief and see what happens.

I have been big most of my life. I saw other thin people and I couldn’t picture what that felt like because I had not been there. but when I learned to use my imagination, I imagined myself as being lighter. I imagined that I wouldn’t have all the excess fat and emotional crap weighting me down. I relished the idea that I could move around easier and I could try on clothes and like the way they looked on me. You know… the little things.

Here is a biggie. Try not to envision it completely as one way or another, rather be open to the process.

So many people picture how it will be when they achieve something.

“When I lose the weight, I will be happy”.

“When I am thin, my husband will pay more attention to me”.

“When I am skinny I will like the way I look”.

NO! Stop thinking that way!



When we attach expectations to our journey and then we get to where we want to be, sometimes it is not what we expected.

If we are not happy within ourselves before we drop the weight, no matter how thin we are, we will not be happy and therefore  give up.  When that happens we will most likely either end up as an unhappy thin person or big again.

If you are doing it just to get more attention from someone, when you achieve what you want and they still don’t care, you think to yourself “What’s the point?”

Here is the point. You know you feel better in your body after dropping weight. I bet your look and feel better than you did when you were heavier.

If you don’t feel good about yourself now, no matter how you look on the outside, this will not change. You first need to see how amazing you are. This journey is about bringing your inner sexy out. Start by loving yourself for who you are and that will shine through on the outside before you know it.

Expectations are what disappoint you, not the results.

If you were looking to drop three pounds but only dropped one, why are you are disappointed instead of celebrating the win?

If you thought that when you were thin, your life would be perfect and it is not, why are you are disappointed? Not because you don’t look good but because you expected it to feel different.

We are also disappointed in people not because they have really done anything wrong but because they didn’t live up to our expectations.

Why not try to enjoy the whole process, and instead of expecting it to be a certain way, believe it is working and having fun exploring and enjoying it while it is happening?

I want to you remember this…


You are NOT fat, you HAVE fat!

This is very important when you think about yourself.

If you ARE fat, well there is not a whole lot you can do about it. You are who you are.

If you HAVE something, then you can get rid of if.

You have fat so you can get rid of the fat. Simple as that.

Be very careful how your refer to yourself because whatever way you do, it becomes a belief!

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