This belief begins when we think we need a bunch of stuff to make things happen. Things like really high quality organic food and gym memberships and personal trainers.

‘But I can’t afford it’ you say?

Yes, normally higher quality food is best but start where you are – work with what you have.

If you can afford to eat to be the size you are then you can afford to buy something different.

Think about it…




If you simply ate less of the food than you are consuming now, wouldn’t it change things?

I bet it would. I remember hearing a story about a lady who basically became half the size she was by eating half the food she already consumed. So if she had a KFC meal she would just eat half. Little changes go a long way.

Here is something else to think about…

You will consume much less food when it is higher in nutrition versus all the processed stuff.

For example: You could eat a block of chocolate and still feel hungry but if you were to eat the same amount (of weight) in carrots for example, you would feel fuller because the carrots contain nutrition that your body desperately wants whereas there is very little nutrition in chocolate.

So while organic food might cost more, you will eat less of it so it ends up being better value. You always have choices and if you can’t afford exactly what you think you should have, buy what you can afford and work with what you have. You can build on it from there.

When it comes to exercise, I would hate to see how many people have gym memberships that never get used. We live in this society where the minute we think about getting into shape, we think about going to the gym.

Let me tell you something. That is relevant for just about everything in your entire life.

It is not your lack of resources that hold you back, it is your lack of resourcefulness.

We live in the day and age of information and anything you want you can do if you are resourceful enough.


  • Use your body weight to tone up.
  • Move and be active anyway you can.

This year, I had my goal of 10,000 steps per day. It is stinking hot here in Australia during the summertime and I am not one to brave the flies and the heat. What I do instead is get up from my chair and walk up and down my hallway with my headphones on to keep my mind busy while I walk. I don’t do it all at once but I do finish by the end of the day.

If you can’t walk, then move your arms and get your heart pumping. Do what you will enjoy and just add to it over time.

The only a reason not to do something if you allow it to be a reason.

We find the money for what we truly value and what we can’t find money for but still want, we find a work around.

Dropping weight and finding love and respect for yourself, is not about the expensive food you buy or the gym you join, it is about going within and doing what it takes. Simple little things.

I like meal replacement shakes and protein bars. Now those things can be expensive. What do I do to get them? I wait until they are half price at the local supermarket and I stock up. There is a big difference between the $20 I pay compared to the $40 normal price.

Be smart, but most of all, just get out there and do it!

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