There are so many differing opinions about weight loss and beliefs about the size you are supposed to be. Earlier, we covered beliefs such as…

Today, we are quickly going to touch on a few more beliefs that are quite common and include:

Losing weight faster is better

I mean who doesn’t want to wake up to a skinny body tomorrow?

I am not sure if there is science to back the above statement up, but I can almost guarantee that every overweight person wants it to be  true.

Just like getting rich quick, the idea of losing weight FAST is one that we want so badly that pretty much every weight loss company in the world relies on it to sell you their product.

Ever noticed how the before and after pics come with a timeline? The bigger the loss in the shorter amount of time, the better.

I admit that I still fell for this one, because I honestly thought that I needed a dramatic result in order to get out there into the world to share this information with you.

That is, until I actually did the opposite and dropped the weight more slowly, and have been able to keep it off.

It was not the amount of time it took me, but the fact that I actually achieved it that was impressive.

Also impressive is that I have kept the weight off. Both of these things in and of themselves are something I have never done before in my entire adult life, but now I have.

The gradual changes in my body have allowed me to look at this whole concept differently now.

Now, I believe that it takes as long as it takes to get there because it is for a lifetime.

Losing weight slower is better

Many believe if you lose it slower you will keep it off.

My view is, It will come off when it comes off. It’s time to take the timeline out of it. It took lots of us many years to get to where we are today and now, we need to focus on creating a healthy body and improving our eating habits for the rest of our lifetime.

Be confident in the fact that it will happen when it happens and it will happen in YOUR time, and only when you are ready.

Like everything else there are pros and cons to the concept of slow weight changes. A couple of the advantages include letting your body catch up to what’s going on, and allowing some time for your loose skin to tighten up as the fat underneath it disappears.

Another advantage of slow weight reduction that has worked for me is that it has allowed my mind to catch up. You see, I know I am smaller, but quite often I don’t FEEL any different.

When I tell people this they are shocked. They have seen the before and after shots and they find it hard to believe that after dropping all that weight I don’t feel any different.

I thought about it and decided this happens to us for a few different reasons…

Reason 1

The weight comes off so slowly that you don’t really notice it.

It is not until you step on the scales and see a lower number, or you take you measurements and they have reduced or maybe you tried on something in a smaller size and it fits do you notice something is different.

Now if you were to wake up one day and suddenly become lighter, well then you would instantly feel it, but usually it does not quite work out that way.

Going back and comparing your pictures from the start until now really can help too. You can see your smaller size, but as for actually feeling it, that is a lot harder. This is a gradual process that you will be adapting to.

It is good to remind yourself of where you came from and to enjoy how far you have come. I do this every time I put weights away at the gym. Carrying two large weighted discs that add up to the weight I have lost across the gym floor gives me such a sense of relief when I can put them down. The thought that I use to carry that weight around everyday spurs me to keep going forward.

Reason 2

As my weight went down so did the size of the clothes I wore.

I know it sounds logical but bear with me for a second while I explain…

One thing many people do who drop weight is continue to buy their regular, bigger-sized clothing. They could easily wear a size or two smaller but they are still unsure of their changing bodies.

Me on the other hand, I prefer to wear clothing that fits nicely but that is a bit snug because it doesn’t really give me room to go up in size.

What happens if you still continue to wear your bigger clothes or buy sizes that allow you to have a lot of wiggle room, is that by the time you notice them becoming snug again, you know have put on quite a bit of weight. However, if you have well fitting clothes and they become a little snug then you have plenty of time to change what you are doing to make sure you don’t go backwards.

The thing that I found mindset-wise was that because my clothes still felt the same on me from the bigger size to the smaller size, I still felt the same in them. Some days I might have a bit of a muffin top and some days I felt the same tightness around the legs, but still at the end of the day they were a smaller size, and occasionally I am still surprised by that fact!

It takes a while for your mind to catch up with everything especially if each step of the way you make it your new ‘normal’. There is no other way to be.

You will hit a plateau

If you are forcing your body to do something it doesn’t want to do, then yes, you will eventually hit a plateau

When you exercise more and you eat less, your body naturally thinks you are in some kind of situation where food is scarce. Your body then prepares itself to hold onto every bit of energy it can acquire – not wanting you to starve to death. It doesn’t know you were planning on reducing some of that extra storage it’s been accumulating.

I like to view the times that I stay the same size as adjustments to my new ‘normal’. I will do what I need to do to drop weight until I feel at a place where I feel ok, then I stay there for a little while.

My mind and body adjusts to this new weight and then if I go back up I actually feel uncomfortable in my skin. That is when I decide to do something about it and drop some more weight. I then repeat the process. This way, each time I drop, I hit a new level of ‘normal’ and I stay there. No going back up to where I once was.

It gets harder as you get older

Our bodies change with age and what might have worked when we were younger may not work now – but that doesn’t mean it is harder, just different.

I have a wonderful friend and client who smashes this belief. She is 72 years young and a personal fitness trainer. She got her qualification not that long ago and she puts me, who is half he age, to shame. She has so much energy she actually plays on the play equipment at the park with her 3 year old twin grand children. Have you ever tried to keep up with a 3 year olds let alone two of them? I am tired just thinking about it but she does it on a regular basis. So if age ever comes up as an excuse, I use her as my inspiration and example.

These are just a few of the beliefs that you may have encountered around eating and your weight, but by no means are these the only ones. If you come across anymore, please let me know in the comments below.

The more beliefs we can uncover, the more beliefs we can bust!

There are real people out there every day busting these beliefs and you can choose to hold onto the beliefs that are keeping you where you are or replacing them with ones that are proven to work and will really help you in the long run.



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