You know the feeling. After years and years of trying so hard to “lose weight”, you think…

“It is just so hard to do”

Honestly now, this is what people tell me when I say that I use to be a lot bigger and that I have dropped over 30 kilos (70 pounds). They say “Well done. That is a big achievement because losing weight is hard”.

I simply reply “thank you” but I do not believe losing weight is hard. It didn’t feel hard to do over the last 2 years. I never went without or had to use willpower, I just found ways to make it happen and most of all, I found a new love and respect for myself.

However, as I go through my life and tell my story and show people the results, it is very clear that this is a belief that many people hold.

The conviction you may have in your mind that dropping weight is hard, comes from both the weight loss industry’s propaganda and from your own internal belief system.

You may have tried to lose weight in the past and it has been difficult. Your hard work hasn’t shown up on the scales even though you were doing everything you were supposed to. Or it was showing up, but having to force yourself day in and day out to do what it took to lose that weight was just straight up too hard.

I have heard (and I’m sure you have too) time and time again from the so called ‘experts’ on how weight loss can be very hard, or a piece of exercise equipment is absolutely necessary to do it right, or you have to take some special pills or supplements to drop the weight. Not! Your body doesn’t need any of that stuff. These are all marketers’ ploys to get you to buy more stuff.

Side note: I have been in the marketing industry for years, so when I look at anything, I see the sales techniques behind it all and things like this standout to me.

When you take in all this unnecessary information that is supposed to help you but doesn’t, you can see how we begin to think that weight loss is hard.

This is when it’s important to flip back to our new normal. We have to quit “losing” weight, full stop.

Let’s instead use our intentions to believe our bodies do not need any weight loss products or special techniques to help us achieve our goals

See… And It’s that simple! You thought about it and already your beliefs have started changing!

Now before you go, you might say, “But getting this weight off is still so hard”.

Let me ask you…




Has there been a time when you just dropped weight as if by magic?

For some reason did your weight either just dropped off, or you began to do something differently and without even really looking for results they showed up?

This happened to me when I was about 16 years old. I was old enough to remember that I was trying to lose weight. I planned out my eating and exercised like a crazy person with no real results to show for it.

Around that same time I began walking to get to where I needed to go. If I wanted to go and see my friends, I would walk to get there, if we wanted to go up town to do something, we would have to walk.

I was out living my life instead of sitting at home obsessing about it all. I ate what I wanted. Honestly I wasn’t even thinking about it. Then one day I got on the scales at a friend’s house. I was shocked. I was the lowest weight I had been in years!

The belief that dropping weight was hard for me to do was busted then. So now, whenever that thought comes into my mind, I remind myself that I have done it easily before. When I dropped weight by changing my mindset these last two years, and have been able to keep the weight off, this now has became my ‘new normal’.

The thing is…

If you believe it is true, you’re right. If you believe it is wrong, you’re right.

We will find any reason to make ourselves correct. It is like the 4 minute mile. For years scientists believed that it was impossible for a human being to run a mile in under 4 minutes. However one day someone truly believed it was possible, and did what it took to break all previous records. He changed the myth that it was not possible, and once he did that, other people KNEW it was possible, so quite a number of people have now achieved what everyone used to think was the impossible – the 4 minute mile.

Now is the time to look for reasons why it IS possible to drop that extra weight. Nothing is impossible! I mean, the word itself says

I’m possible!





Here are my 4 steps to believing you can DROP the weight easily:





Step 1: Discover where the believe came from

All your beliefs have to come from somewhere. Either they are a result of things that have happened to you, something someone has said to you in the past, or at some point in your life it made sense to believe this to be true.

Go back and see where you started building the belief that losing weight is hard. Think back to where it all began. What happened that made you think this is true? Write it all down.

Sometimes we can’t consciously work out where our beliefs come from. Most beliefs are developed and set before the age of 6 so it is no wonder we can’t pinpoint a time.  Those memories can still be accesses through things like guided meditations or through simply asking.

You see our brains are like giant filing cabinets. All the info we need could be stored in the basement of our subconscious but until we let it be known we are looking for it, we can’t access it.

Set the intention that you are going to identify where this belief about weight loss being hard to do started, and then go about your everyday business. All of a sudden the answer will just appear as a quiet thought or memory prompted by something in your life.

Step 2: Repurpose these meanings

Once you know where these beliefs started, you need to repurpose what they used to mean to you.

Find ways to disprove what you believed by finding better examples that override your old conclusions.

For example: If you believe that it is hard to lose weight because you have been on so many diets  where you struggled to get the weight off, look for a time in your life when you dropped weight without thinking about it.

Did you start a new relationship and you were so happy that you didn’t eat as much as you did before when you were lonely, and the weight just fell off?

Did you start a new job where you were more active, and without thinking about it the weight dropped of and your shape changed?

If you can’t find ways that you did this, think about people you know. Do they have examples of how they dropped the weight without really thinking about it?

You see…

Everything you admire in other people is within you. The world is your mirror and what you see in those around you is simply a reflection of yourself, both good and bad.

An example of how someone I know dropped a lot of weight was when he started a new job. The job was on the other side of town and he didn’t have a car so he rode his bike to and from work everyday.

By simply making this change, the weight fell off him because he was getting in regular activity and working all day, so he wasn’t eating as much. No diet or exercise program. No gym or personal trainers. Just riding his bike to work.

It is like when people thought the world was flat. This was a long time ago – before people could go into outer space. The flat earth theory was disproved bit by bit in people’s minds over time, as scientists developed the tools to show new evidence of what is possible.

Step 3: Order what you want

Manifestation is basically like putting in your order to the universe as to what you want and then expecting it to turn up without being too caught up in the outcome. This what you want to do with your new idea that dropping the weight is easy.

Once you’ve found out where the belief that losing weight is hard comes from and reframed it, it will be easier to create new expectations in it’s place.

It is like trying to change a habit. You can’t just take something away and expecting it to be gone. You quite often have to replace it with something else.

For example, if you want to cut back on the amount of time you spend sitting watching television, you need to find something else more productive to do with that time. I mean you wouldn’t just stop watching TV and sit there doing nothing. If this were the case, all you would do is sit there thinking about wanting to watch TV all the time. However if you went out for a walk and then sat down on a park bench and read a book, you are no longer thinking about watching TV. Eventually this new habit will replace the one you wanted to change.

Same thing with beliefs. You can’t  change an old one unless you replace it with a new one, and put that changed belief out into the universe without holding onto the outcome.

By not holding onto the outcome, what I mean is…

Don’t look for results because once you put it out to the universe, your intention works consistently in the background to make what you now believe true. Just let it work.

If you set the belief that your excess fat effortlessly melts away, then you step on the scales 10 times a day or measure yourself relentlessly looking for it to be true,  it’s never going to happen.

What you need to do is set the intention  in place and then go about doing the little things you need to do in order to create better habits, and show your body love and respect.

Think of it like brushing your teeth. You brush your teeth in the morning and you know they are clean. You don’t then go to all lengths throughout the day or night to double check this. You brushed, you take care of your teeth and mouth by having regular dental visits and you do what you need to do in order to believe and KNOW that your teeth are clean.

Same thing with your Super Sexy transformational journey. Do the little things day in and day out. Believe it is working and one day BAM! You have come so much further than you ever thought was possible.

Step 4: Practice until it becomes normal

Everything you are learning on this  journey is going to feel weird at first but that is because we are shaking up centuries of existing beliefs to really find a ‘normal’ that works for YOU.

Think about it like driving a car.

When you first got behind the wheel of a car there were so many things to learn how to do. Then you get on the road and there are new rules you need to memorize. When you throw in other drivers and their sometimes crazy antics, man your head probably felt like it was going to explode. However, now I bet you get in a car and just drive without thinking. I mean have you ever made it all the way home and don’t remember a single thing about the trip? I know I have.

It is the same with your new transformation process. It is a lot to take in at first but before you know it, it becomes normal and then it is just a part of your life that you don’t even think about anymore.

Repeat your new belief often and pay attention to when the old one pokes it’s head back into your life.

Sometimes the belief will swap instantly and sometimes it takes a little time, but awareness and practice along with the inner work will soon have you well on the way to getting the results you want.

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