If you are anything like me, you have spent almost your entire life hearing about how to lose weight and what all of that entails.

Have you been sucked into the latest fad that claims to be ‘The Next Greatest Thing’? The one and only DIEt that once and for all will make you skinny?

Have you listened to so called ‘experts’ about the foods you should eat and the exercises you need to do in order to burn the fat?

Have you heard the definitive research behind a new DIEt or superfood as to why it is supposed to work better than anything before it, only to have someone else come along a little while later with different research that debunks the first one you thought was so great, only to find out later that this new DIEt is complete BS too?

Do you you simply hate the whole process of DIEting even though it was giving you results for a while?

Did you ever lose the weight only to find it again plus received a little extra for all your hard work?

Are you frustrated because you know you have eaten what you should eat in order to lose the weight, only to look into the future and think, “OMG! I will only be able to eat like this for the rest of my life”, and the thought was so bad you just wanted to cry?

Do you just feel like giving up and quitting because it is so hard?

Yep, me too! We have grown up with a lot of misinformation, and along the way we have developed some beliefs that work against us being naturally thin. Let’s explore some of these:


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