One belief that can be a cause of your overeating is that there is not enough food.

Many people may believe there is a lack of food from either their own personal experience, or they believe what was passed down to them from older generations.

This is a common belief for those people who have gone through a hard time in their lives when food was scarce, and often occurs for people who have lived through such events like the great depression, WW1 or WW2. Many people were constantly hungry and that is a feeling that they never wanted to experience again. What happened is that they would go into survival mode long after the event was over and when food was again in abundance.

  • Do you stock your home with a great supply of food because you fear ever being in such a situation again?
  • Has the fear of going without been passed down to you through the generations?
  • Do you end up buying way more food than you need?
  • Do you eat a lot more food than your body needs most of the the time simply because it is there, and you have easy to access to it?

Another example that may create an erroneous belief system, are the times when we didn’t have enough to eat. It may have been something in our upbringing or it may have been an event in our lives that caused us to believe that we should put back extra food.

Take for example when I was growing up, I had parents who were alcoholics. We would often have alcohol in the house but not food. Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t really go without a lot – but there were times when I was hungry and there was nothing to eat. This feeling of being hungry and not being able to do anything about it was a feeling that I decided I never wanted to feel again. So when I was old enough to get a job and earn my own money, I would say 90% of what I earned I spent on food.

Another way this belief shows up in our eating habits is by the feeling that we will be missing out if we don’t eat it all, or if we are forced to share.

This is something I believed for a very long time. If I didn’t eat every last bite… I was missing out. If I shared it… I was missing out. So I would have to eat it all, and I would have to hide it just in case someone else might eat it before I got the chance. I would eat it even if I didn’t want it or if I wasn’t hungry because of the fear that maybe someone else would find it and then I would miss out.

Again this belief came from my childhood but I realized it as an adult. Let’s face it. If someone eats what I think of as “my food“ or I choose to share some of my food with others well, I can always go and buy more. Yes, I may be a little disappointed when I go to the cupboard to get those chocolate cookies I was looking forward to eating and my teenager has eaten them all, but it is not the end of the world.

Once you realize that you live in a world of abundance, you know it is OK to share, and it’s also OK to have to wait to get something.

 It’s really OK.





There is no shortage. I mean would we be the size we are, if there were?

Somewhere along the line, we have made a choice that we would never go without food again. To that end, a lot of us have created stockpiles of the things we like, plan to not share most of it, and we will go to great lengths to not miss out on a single thing.

When I think back now, as I have learned to listen to my body, I realize how much food I consumed that I didn’t actually need due to this belief. Yes, one or two chocolate biscuits were nice but I would HAVE to eat the whole packet.

After the first two pieces of biscuit it became automatic eating. To tell you the truth, even with the first two, when I was binging, I don’t think I even really tasted those either. It was like two bites and they were long gone.

It was the same when I would dish up a large meal. I would always serve up two of everything. For example, if I was having hamburgers for dinner, I would have two. Now these things were fully loaded and I would eat them very fast. Honestly, I would have been full after half of the first one however, after the first one went down, then I’d start on the second one. About halfway through the second one, I would be full, so in real terms I was over-full as my brain and stomach just caught up with each other but I would HAVE to finish the lot. Quite often the last few mouthfuls were forced and I felt so sick afterwards. This was normal.

Feeling stuffed felt safe, which in my belief system, was a good thing. No way I was going to feel hungry for quite a while.

Did I enjoy the meal? Maybe to start with, but by the end, nope. How can you enjoy something that is making you feel sick afterwards? Then the guilt would kick in that I ate so much. It was just a vicious cycle.

The good news is…

You can break it!

Break the “Not Enough” belief cycle with the three A’s:




Step 1: Awareness




You can’t change anything unless you first acknowledge it.

Your beliefs have been running the show for so long that you don’t even notice them. The are like a computer program running in the background of your mind dictating how you think, act and make choices.

Chances are that until now, you never even gave those automatic programs another thought. You just put down your lack of progress to how you have zero willpower and had no way of knowing  how to fix it before now.

Now though, you are becoming aware of the forces that drive your life.

The first thing you need to do is pay attention. Listen to your inner thoughts. Ask yourself why you are making these choices. The answers are within you, if you pay attention and become aware of why you are doing what you are doing and trace back your behaviors to where they started.

Only when you become aware of your beliefs and actions, will you be able to change them.

Step 2: Abundance

When you feel like something is lacking in your life, your body goes into survival mode when it comes to holding onto fat. This could be from a feeling of not having enough food, or love, or money, or attention to meet your needs… and the list goes on. Your body doesn’t really know the different between them, it only feels the lack. We cover this more here.

One way to help you overcome your overeating is to reassure yourself daily that you are living in abundance.

So many people focus on the lack of stuff they have. They focus on all the things they don’t have or they prepare for a time when they may not have enough. Now I am not against stocking up and being prepared but not when it comes from a place of lack.

You live in an abundant universe where there is pretty much an excess of everything. Gone are the days when you had to wait for fruit to be in season, or when you had to wait for the supermarket to reopen in the morning, or after a long weekend.

Gone are the days, where you had to get out of your car, or actually leave your house to get food.

Gone are the days when you had to put in at least some effort to prepare your meals at all. I mean think about what it would have taken 100 years ago to make a sandwich? Just making the bread would have been a big effort. Now we have complete freeze meals you can pop in the microwave.

While we live in a world of abundance, we still carry around this mentality that we are missing out, or that there will not be enough for us should we desire it that instant, so we worry, prepare and see lack everywhere.

Not anymore…

From this point forward, I want you to reassure yourself that you live in a world of abundance. That you have more than enough of what you need and when you need something else, that will turn up at the right time too.

This is how I live and honestly, I have never been let down. I open my cupboards and say “I am in feast”. I pay my bills with gratitude because I enjoyed whatever it was I am paying for, and the fact that I have to money to pay for it is awesome too.

It may sound weird at first but once you start really seeing and believing you live in a world of abundance, you take away a big need to overeat because you know there will always be more.

Step 3: Appreciation

What you appreciate you attract more of. The same goes for what you complain about.

Ever got up and started your day off badly just to have more and more stuff go wrong?

Have you ever been in a really bad time in your life and thought “How can things possibility get worse?” Then they do?

I know I have, and I can pretty much guarantee you have too.

What we put out into the world comes back to us. Now this is not just about karma or the law of attraction but it is about the way our brains work.

You see…

Your brain takes in billions of bits of information daily. BILLIONS!


It filters only the bits of information that YOU have programed it to show you. Your brain only shows you what it belives you will find important.

Like when you are walking along and you walk right by that person who is practically waving in your face to get your attention, but you are so focused on what you need to get at the store, you completely miss them.

Or how in a crowded room full of noise, you can hear YOUR child cry out for you.

So if you have your “everything is crap” program running in your mind, well guess what?! That is exactly what your subconscious mind is going to show you. Every crappy, awful thing in your life. It is going to keep throwing them in your face until your change the program you are running.

So for as long as you want to feel that there is not enough, there will never be enough.

For as long as you want to hate your body, it will keep showing you all these perfect people and you’ll feel bad in comparison.


If you focus on what you are grateful for and show true appreciation for the wonderful things you have around you (if at this moment you stop and go “What things?! My life sucks!” yeah well that is showing you something right there) then you will attract more of that.

Do you feel like you have nothing to be grateful for? Let me ask you this…

Did you wake up this morning? Yes? Well someone didn’t. How about just the fact that you are still breathing today. Isn’t that worth being grateful for?

It may take some practice, but start by being grateful for the tiniest things, which honestly we all take for granted, and eventually, it builds into something way bigger than you ever expected.

When we feel safe, secure and in a state of appreciation, the need to overeat will lessen  more and more.

That is how I started. Now when I get to the point of wanting something like chocolate cookies. I only want a couple, so I have a couple and leave the rest of the packet on the bench. As if by magic, next time I come back to get one, they have disappeared. I have a little feeling of disappointment but then I am grateful because I am not over indulging and I know it is better for me.

It does take a little while to get to this stage but try it.

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