This is where we get down to business. Trying to take control of your weight or your eating habits or anything else in your life that you are trying to change is a waste of time unless you change the belief behind why it is the way it is.

Your subconscious mind is believed to be responsible for 90% of what you think. It is responsible for things like remembering to breath and making your limbs move and your heart to beat. It is the place that all your memories are stored and it is what controls what your conscious mind pays attention to most of the time.

How the subconscious mind works is fascinating!

I will show you just a few things it does for you.

Everyday we see, hear, smell, taste and feel billions of things. If we were to pay full attention to all of this constant input, we would quite honestly go insane. What your subconscious mind does is filter out all the things that it doesn’t think are important to you and only shows you the stuff that it knows you want or need to know.

For example: Do you notice when you buy a new car, all of a sudden you see cars just like yours everywhere. I mean it’s like everyone went out on the same day and got the same car as you! But the thing is, they were always there. Before you owned that car and you needed to remember what it looked like, your subconscious mind would simply not show you those cars. Now however, it is important to you, so it shows them to you.

This is how some people can spot opportunities while other people could be slapped upside their head with the same thing and not really pay any attention. We only see what is important to us.

Same as when you are in a crowded place and your child yells out for you. You can hear their voice loud and clear over everyone else because your subconscious mind filters out all the other noise to make sure you hear what is important.

Another interesting thing it does is something that I learned in high school science class. Do you remember dissecting bull’s eyeballs? We did. Besides being totally gross, what we saw was that the lenses of the eyes actually see everything upside down. What happens is the subconscious mind conveniently turns all the images the right way up for us.

I remember our science teacher telling us that if we were to hang upside down long enough our subconscious mind would turn everything the right way up again. The problem is, all the blood would rush to our head and we would die before this happened. But none the less it would happen. That is one of the very rare things I remember because this is one class I swear I fell asleep in a lot lol.

Years later, I read about an experiment NASA did which actually proved this theory to be true. I was again awed at the power of our minds. What they did was to put goggles on the astronauts that turned everything upside down. Then these brave souls had to wear those goggles all the time, even when sleeping, showering and whatever else they were doing. This went on for weeks until they were seeing everything upside down. Around the 21st day, the first astronaut’s sight flipped. So even though they were wearing the upside-down goggles, they could suddenly see everything the right way up again. Over the coming days the other astronauts’ sight flipped as well.

Then NASA tried this experiment again by removing the goggles before the 21 day had arrived and nothing changed. This not only shows the power of the mind to adjust to making our world “normal” but it demonstrates that it takes a minimum of 21 days of consistent reinforcement to change our reality.

These are just two examples of how the subconscious mind works and how it can help you.

The reason I bring this up, is because your subconscious is working to keep you at your normal no matter how hard you force it to change. Trying to change the way you are without first looking at the beliefs that are controlling your life is like trying to change a boat’s direction without first turning off the autopilot.

Take for example, a scenario where you are cruising along through the water in your boat. You set the boat’s autopilot to West for example. Then you decide that you want to go South. So you turn the wheel until the boat is now traveling South. The thing is, you didn’t change the autopilot. So you go back about enjoy your time on the water believing you are now traveling South. Then after a little while you feel like something is wrong. The sun is in a different position than it should have been if you were really traveling South, so you check the controls and sure enough, you are back to traveling West.

The same thing happens with your belief system. No matter how much you try to force yourself to go in the direction you WANT, unless you first change your beliefs, you will end up back at the same spot. This is why some people who win millions in the lottery end up broke quickly. Yes, they won the money but they don’t have the mindset to keep it, or even better, to grow it.

So how do you change your mindset?



First let’s look at the beliefs you have…

Who you gonna call??? Four key areas of your belief system that have been holding you back from reaching your body goals.

Believe it or Not_ How to tap into the power of your own mind to help it work with you to transform your body, your eating and your life! infographic

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