Words are very powerful things and we often don’t realize the effect they are actually having on us.

As you noticed in previous posts I referred to you “losing weight” in terms of your normal, and also how you need to stop “losing” weight.

If you missed it, let me summarize it for you quickly now.

When you talk, your mind doesn’t always understand what you mean. This is the case when you talk about “losing” weight.

When your mind hears the words losing, lose or lost, it immediately thinks that there is something you have misplaced that you want to get back. Even in terms of losing a game. You ultimately want to win not lose.

Think about it…

If you lose your keys or your wallet, what do you want to do? Find them.

If you lose weight, what is the last thing you want to do? Find it.

However, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference. It is going to find it again and maybe even a little something extra.

Seems a little simple, but honestly it works and it’s a game changer when it comes to getting control of your weight and your health.

So if you can’t use lose, lost or losing, then what do you use?

Here is the fun part… 

You get to choose!

Now is the time to choose the word that describes what you will being doing with your excess fat.

This is something we did in a group not long ago, where I was teaching other people just like you about these techniques. When they started to choose their words to describe what they were going to do with their excess fat an amazing thing happened.

They put a lot of thought into it, they chose carefully and they took ownership of their journey. No longer was it a program they were a part of, instead they were designing their own transformation.

This is something that makes our process very different than anything else you have ever done.

You see, when you follow someone else’s program, it is just that. Someone else’s.

However, this journey is all about your health, your body, your life. It is exactly that. It’s YOURS!

There is not or ever will be a one size fits all approach to dropping fat, getting fit or becoming healthy. It is crazy to think there would be.

We are all very unique and individual, from our taste in food, to the activities we enjoy, to the way our beliefs have shaped who we are through out our lifetime.

No longer will you have to force yourself to do something, because from this point forward YOU are creating something that works specifically for YOU!

What will your word be?

Really put some thought into making it personal for you.

Let me share some examples with you…

These are some of the words that the members of the Facebook group chose and why:

  • I choose RID! I am going to RID myself of the weight and inches!!!
  • I choose Shed – like the way a butterfly sheds it’s cocoon after it goes through metamorphosis.
  • I will be melting into my new normal.
  • I choose to release the excess weight my body actually doesn’t need anymore.
  • I choose “Cleanse”. I want to cleanse my body of all the damage that I’ve done over these years.

As you can see, they are all really different and all have a personal meaning to each of these amazing people.

As I said before, I either say “dropped”, or “gone down”.

Now is your time to name what you will do with your excess weight and fat.

Let’s SWAP it out!

SWAP is the acronym for the four things you need think about when choosing your word(s) to replace lost, losing or lose.





Step 1: Simple

While it may seem fun to get really creative with it, remember you are going to have to repeat this word over and over again.

Here is how just about every conversation goes with people after they see my progress:

Them: “Wow, you look great! How much weight have you lost?”

Me: “Thank you. I haven’t LOST anything. I have dropped X kilos/pounds”

Them: Weird puzzled look on their faces.

Me: “The reason I haven’t “lost” anything, is because I am never going to find it again. Your subconscious mind takes everything literally, so if you lose your keys or your wallet, what do you want to do?”

Them: “Find them”

Me: “So if you lose weight what is the last thing you want to do?”

Them: “Find it” (then they get this look of understanding on their face of what I am talking about and that I am not crazy. OK maybe they still think I am crazy but they understand)

Me: “So with that in mind, that is why when you weight goes down, you never say lost because your subconscious mind then tries to find it for you, and a little something extra just in case you lose it again”

One simple conversation can change the way people look at the whole experience and no joke, it can change their lives forever. I have actually had someone tell me this.

Want to know how much “losing” weight has a hold of you? Just wait until you change it up. I have been using a different word now for about 3 years and I have to tell you, I still slip up sometimes.

This is why you need something simple because you want it to stick!

Step 2: Worthy

You need to pick something that is worthy of your journey. Something that has a little meaning but is also powerful. You are about to do something that you have never  done before. You are going to change the way you talk about your body journey without using the words losing, lost or lose.

You might be thinking it is a little to simple or weird but as with everything I share, it worked for me and for other people, but most of all, I would like you to just give it a go and see what happens. YOU are in control of YOUR journey. How will you know if something works or not until you try it?

Step 3: Adaptable

As you grow and evolve on your journey you want to have a word that grows and evolves with you. As you change inside and out, you will be using this word and concept more and more so you need something that is adaptable.

Think of it like those classic pieces of clothing you have in your closet that are timeless, but then you have those pieces that where cool last summer and now you wouldn’t be caught dead in them.

Well just like that, words come and go. You all know and have used those types of words before that you thought were so cool when you were younger, but now when you hear someone say them, you roll you eyes and think “what a dork”.

Don’t be the dork. Choose a word that is timeless.

Step 4: Personal

This is the most important part. You want something that is personal and meaningful.

This super sexy journey you are on is not an easy one but it is one of the best and most rewarding things you can do for yourself.

Filling your journey with little meaningful personal touches helps to keep you going because that is what it really is. It is all about you.

It is about self love, self acceptance and self care.

It may start with a word change but every journey no matter how long starts with a single step.

Now it is your time…

When someone asks you “How much weight have you lost?”

What will you say?

ELIMINATE that weight! How to stop losing weight and embrace your body transformation with one little word change. infographic

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