No, You Are Not Going To Start On Monday! : How To Stop Waiting For The Right Time To Start & Do It NOW!You know what it is like…

The new years is rolling around and you don’t want to spend another year “fat”.

Summer is upon you and all those warm winter comfort foods you have been enjoying are not going to look good in a swimsuit.

Or it is halfway through the week and you have overindulged to the point you feel guilty but it’s ok because you will start eating better on Monday.

These are just some examples of the reason we give ourselves when we want to start our transformation journey. It is like we have to prepare ourselves to have the mindset to go on that DIEt or kick our butts at the gym.

You know the saddest part?



We are simply setting ourselves up for disappointment.


Because there will never be that day where you start your transformation journey and continue it to the end. Not in the way you believed at the start.

See as you may know, I am not someone who thinks anyone in the world should DIEt. I mean the first three letter are DIE and isn’t the point to live. If you want to find out how diets really effect us, here is an article I wrote on that subject.

So what happens is we set ourselves up to fail from the start. We go in this day, thinking we are going to change all our bad habits all at once and in a preconceived time frame, usually based on the glowing testimonial of the people who have successful used this diet to “lose” weight, we can look fantastic and go back to normal eating again.


For starters, we have built so many beliefs and habit around the way we eat and how we look, that just deciding this one day we are starting this is not going to be enough to change it.

Then we have to look into what happens if we mess up in some way. I mean if we don’t stick to the meal plan we were given or if we skip the gym. Then what?

How many times have you then said…

“Screw it! I’ll start again on Monday”

Followed by a complete blowout because why not enjoy the rest of your week before the torture begins again on Monday.

See we look for these magical days to give us motivation to start. Well anyone can start. I did hundreds of times. I started and made it through the day, week and sometimes the month before I quit.

I never did succeed starting on Monday. Have you?

How do you succeed?



You start NOW!

NOW~ Notice, Open, What's Next?


There are three simple steps to starting your transformation. N.O.W. is the acronym you can use every time you think you have to start fresh to reach your goals.



What’s Next?

Step 1: Notice



Pay attention to why you think you have to start on a certain day.

You see…

You are right now on your transformation journey. It doesn’t begin on a day you pick. I began the day you were born. Your whole life has brought you to this point and I guarantee within all those years, there are the answers to what you need to do in order to achieve the transformation you are envisioning.

There was this one week where I was just tired. I am not sure why as I had plenty of sleep and I wasn’t sick but I just felt sleepy all day. I decided each day to skip going to the gym as I felt very weak and didn’t want to risk dropping a weight on my foot.

As Friday rolled around, I figure that there was no real point in only going to the gym for one day so I was going to start fresh on Monday. I mean that seemed logical, right?!

But then something happened. I realise that maybe the reason I felt so bad was because I was doing nothing but sleeping and laying about. The maybe, just maybe, if I got my butt up and went to the gym I would feel better.

So what if I only got one day in this week. One day is better than none and it is not perfection that helped me get to where I am, it was consistent effort.

I dropped my son off to school and came home to get dressed to go to the gym. I felt a little flat while I was there and didn’t get as much done as I would have liked to due to running late but I took the Body Balance class (a mix of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates) which hurt like crazy but at the end of it, I felt great.

It may have only been one day, one half hearted effort but you know what, that is better than doing nothing and regretting that forever.

You can choose today to do something better. To go for a walk, to pick a more nutritious option for dinner or to simple pay attentions to the habit and excuses you are using to stop yourself from making a change.

All of those things start this very second, not tomorrow, not Monday, not in the spring and now as the new year rolls around.

Step 2: Open



Once you decide that you will make a change, you need to be open to the possibilities that will come your way in order for you to transform.

As you progress on your journey, there will be roadblocks along the way. As well as speed humps and potholes. Ok, sometimes there will be giant rivers of emotions that will slow us down too but there will also be amazing opportunities for us to learn and improve.

Every time we do something you feel is not going to get you to where you want to be, you need to set guilt and regret aside because they will get you no where and look for the lesson you need to learn.

Each “mess up” or “failure” as you might see it is the opportunity to learn WHY you did that and then create a plan of attack to change it. Just like if you were to move to a new home and the first time you came home from work you choose a route that was through a seedy part of town, you would plan a different way home from work from that day forward. Begin to open your awareness!

Be open for the lessons and be open for new things to come your way. Things like a friend who wants a walking buddy for example. Things like this will pop up as you need them in order to support your journey because you will attract people of the same energy frequency to you.

The same thing will happen when along your journey, you feel stuck or like progress is slow. Opportunities will come up for you reignite your motivation. Things like a friend or family member who sees the progress you have made and asks for you help on how they can do it too.

We sometimes don’t see the impact we are having on those around us, but before long you could be the one inspiring other just as someone inspired you to transform.

Be open, say yes and enjoy the journey because that is what will make it fun.

Step 3: What’s next?



You don’t need to plan ahead for the next month, unless you want to of course, but you do need to think ahead.
As I talk about before, this is a lifelong change not a fad, so you are not planning to change everything you do at once. That is a sure-fire way to give up and kill the confidence in your ability to achieve your new normal.

How to make this your new normal, is to pick one little habit to change at a time until it becomes normal.

What is the easiest thing for you to change right now?

Do you want to cut back on soda for example?

Notice I said “cut back” not give up. When you give up something it means you will never have it again and you go cold turkey. The is going to work against you in so many ways as I explained in this article. However if we cut back, which will probably be to the point where on a very rare occasion we feel like a soda and have some, then we can make that a new normal.

In order to do that we need a plan. First we want to add in nutrition, which means when we are thirsty we drink water. All you need to do is drink a big glass of water BEFORE you reach for the soda. Notice I said before not instead of. Now after you have had the water if you still feel like the soda, have a mouthful. Your thirst has be quenched so all you really need now is a little taste for your body to be ok.

After a while your body will naturally adapt and actually crave the water. You see, your body wants the water, it needs the water in order to survive and feel healthy in all it’s cells but it is addicted to the sugar because that is what you trained it to be. Once you train it differently, then it will want what is best for it.

 It will take a little bit of time to find your sweet spot

Simple right?!

Then once you have that down, you go…

What’s next?

On and on building new better habits than you had before until one day you wonder how on earth you lived with all those things that kept you stuck in the awful DIEt cycle for years.

It all begins with a choice and tiny changes in order to reach you goal. Next time you think “I will start that (on whatever day you choice)” stop and think, “You know what, I’ve got this NOW!”

No, You Are Not Going To Start On Monday! : How To Stop Waiting For The Right Time To Start & Do It NOW! Infographic. Ask Brainstorm

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