It’s Time To Stop Hiding How Extraordinary You Are!

Once upon a time a child was born but not just any child…

This child was born with such potential….anything was possible…

Anything that this child wanted to achieve was achievable….

They believed that they could be, do and have everything their heart desired…

To achieve these marvelous endeavors…this child was given great gifts!

Gifts of intuition, emotional intelligence, incredible brain functions, unique abilities and a personality that people just wanted to be around….

There was just something special about this child…


As this child grew….

Someone told them….

“There’s nothing special about you”

“Who do you think you are? You can’t do that”

“You’ll never amount to anything when you grow up”

“Stop being so weird…no one will like you if you act like that”

and on and on….

Until one day….

This child no longer believed that they deserved to be successful…

That their “gifts” were curses….

That they were not enough….that they will never be enough….

But no matter how crushed their spirit was…there was still a light hidden within them….a light that could never be extinguished….

You see… despite what people had told this child….




All they needed was to believe in themselves again….

To have hope in the future…

To embrace those parts that are different about them because different is unique and special…

Do you know who that child is???

That child is YOU!!!

That’s right…you were born absolutely amazing!!!

But somewhere, someone told you to “be normal”, to “fit in”, to “be realistic” or whatever it was that had you hiding what made you so special…

That stops right now…


From this point forward…it’s your time to embrace your weirdness….your gifts…your abilities…your awesomeness….

Because all of that is what makes you Extraordinary!!!

How do I know???

Let me start by introducing myself…

My name is Amanda Robins….but you may know me by my superhero name, Brainstorm!!!

Yep you read that right…my superhero name!!!

You see, I was right there with you….

I knew I was different…I had always been…

I didn’t grow up in the best environment….I didn’t make the best choices….by society’s standards, I was not meant to amount to anything….

Luckily, I never listened to that….

I just felt that I was NOT a statistic…I was a person with free will and choice…

I could choose what I wanted to do with my life….

I was never going to fit into a normal J O B…

I could not go with the flow….

I would never be have being ordinary….living a mundane life…

So I set out to get what I wanted….

To set an example for my boys, that no matter where you start or what decision you make that you can be, do and have anything your heart desired….

I embraced my uniqueness….my natural abilities….my quirks….

And I worked for years to hone my superpowers….until one day….

I put on my cape and really got out into the world….

Oh what an amazing experience that has been….

Everyday, I get to help amazing people just like you to really discover what makes them so special…..

I get to show them how their quirks are actually their qualities….

I have the honor of watching that twinkle come back into their eyes as they live their truth….

I sit…washed with emotion when they tell me how they finally stop hiding who they really are….

That look of pure excitement I see on the faces of my tribe is incredible when they embrace who they are….

Too see them strap on their capes and FLY is my addiction!!!


To finally be YOU!!!

To EMBRACE your gifts!!!

To SHINE your natural brilliance!!

To be your weird and whacky self!!

To conquer what has been holding you back from achieving goals that seem impossible!

Because that is exactly who you are and what you deserve!!!

So come on an adventure with me and together we will journey to find the magic with you!




Amanda Robins aka Brainstorm is a one of a kind superhero on a mission to empower YOU to create a super mindset so that you can transform your body, your business and beyond! 

She’s an idea genie with a unique perspective on how our minds work and what will help us reach our full potential while being our authentic selves.

Amanda has a genuine interest and passion to see people all over the world thrive in all aspects of their life. Using her experience, stories, intuition and kick-ass listening skills, Amanda has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly what questions to ask and just what to say before you even knew you need to hear it.

Being described as an inspiration for leading the way by setting an example with openness and honesty, Amanda is fast becoming someone who people want to hear from daily! As people have said before “She just has this voice and way of talking that makes you feel like everything will be ok”

Happy to openly share her years of knowledge as a former food addict, intuitive creative director, marketer, 5-time international best selling Amazon author, business owner, entrepreneur, trainer, speaker, loving mother and superhero, Amanda is able answer questions with the reassurance that the advice given is backed by actual experience.

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