Episode #7: When your family is unsupportive and brings in temptation into your home

Today’s question…

Dear Brainstorm,

I am trying my best to stick to my diet but my family keeps bringing home food that I am not allowed to have. How do I get them to be supportive and stop bringing home this kind of food. I am really not doing well resisting the crap they are keeping in the house.

Yours truly,


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Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • The downfalls of the can’t eat list
  • Don’t force your choices onto others
  • Find a new respect for each other
  • Willpower runs out. Find reasons why and create plans for the worst
  • What attachment do you have to the food
  • Be prepared
  • Is your why big enough
  • When I say “I am on a diet”




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